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When it comes to residential property damage in Miami and the surrounding area, water damage is a source that always comes in at the top. Damage that fits into this category is damage that is caused by an overflowed toilet, a pipe that breaks under your kitchen sink, a dishwasher or a washing machine leaking while you are washing a load of dishes or a load of clothes. Some leaks can be controlled before the damage begins, but what happens when you are away from home when a leak starts?


The best action to take when you notice that damage from water is occurring in your home is to locate the source of the damage and see if you can prevent it. Turn off the water if something is overflowing, and soak up large amounts of water. The majority of the damage is caused when the water is left on the floor. It soaks into the floor, carpet, and dry wall to cause further damage to your home. Water damage is a type of claim that can often be misfiled or clumped in with another claim. It requires a lot of assessment on the part of the insurance company, and Nation Claim Services is here to represent you during this process and make sure you receive the proper settlement.

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