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Vandalism and theft damage is something that can be devastating to your home and your belongings. If a thief enters your home, chances are that a window or a door was damaged in the process. Often when an intruder enters your home, valuable items are stolen. This could range between items; anything from jewelry to electronics to furniture. In other cases, the thief did not find items of value so they may have damaged other possessions that were inside your home such as walls covered with graffiti and lamps broken, etc. All these costs would be covered under a vandalism damage claim, the common issue with this type of claim is that it is possible to not notice that something was stolen, damaged, or destroyed at first inspection.


The first thing that our experts will do is conduct a walk-through of your home or business with you. Here we will take an in-depth assessment of the damage that occurred during the incident, as well as a thorough analysis of each room to determine exactly what has been stolen or lost. This assessment would also include the cost of any graffiti that will need to be removed and repainted. These minor details are what stands out to our experts the most, as they are very commonly overseen by your insurance company. Make sure you are fully represented on your claim by making your insurance claim, a MY NATION CLAIM today!

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