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When considering insurance coverage options, you will most likely look into fire, water, and hurricane coverage; but as a business owner in the South Florida area, you may ask yourself why its important to have coverage and hire a claims adjuster if needed.

It’s also very important to consider coverage for any loss of income that you may experience in the event that such a tragedy hits. Hiring a claims adjuster will help guide you through the entire claim process. To help put into perspective: If part of your restaurant burns to the ground, you will likely lose a lot of revenue since guests will no longer be able to dine in until repairs are made to your business location. Likewise, If your roof gets ripped away during a hurricane, the repairs are covered by your hurricane coverage, but what about the income that you lose during the time that you fight your insurance company for the roof and that time while repairs are being completed?


Having a loss of business income in your coverage is often the only thing that keeps a business that has been hit by a disaster above water. Losing business can make matters worse, but the professional team at NATION CLAIM SERVICES is here to make sure that you recover from this devastating loss from all standpoints.

The process of the loss of business income claim will be complex and possibly challenging, but our claims adjuster team in Miami uses our network of resources to help you file your claim as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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